Machineries Of Joy - British Sea Power

from the album Machineries Of Joy (2013)

Machineries Of Joy by British Sea Power is a song that I really dig.

I enjoy that this is a six minute song that takes its time developing.  With its opening sounds and feedback giving way to relaxing synthesizer, the listener's aural palate is cleansed as you are eased into the song.  Enter the drums, followed by the guitar and bass, letting you know this is an alternative song.  Next we are treated to some lead guitar stylings, that place us somewhere in the eighties.  Meanwhile, the full vibe continues to envelope.

As the vocals enter, I am reminded of Echo & The Bunnymen.  I am transported back in time to days spent in the passenger seat of my friend's Camaro (actually his mother's).  A group of friends drinking and laughing to Bring On The Dancing Horses.  Fun Times.

Listening to their catalog of music, I am struck by the band's mastery of countless alternative vibes.  With each track, I am drawn to a tone, or a beat, that reminds me of a song I once listened to. Their ability to shift from vibe to vibe without ever loosing their own essence is impressive.

Check this band out.  They pack a whole lot of talent and style.

Click Here to watch the music video.

Click Here to watch a live performance at the 100 Club in London.


  1. Ah yes---it really does sound like one of my faves, Echo and The Bunnymen. Love it.

    Funny thing- JUST last night, headed out for food with my son, sitting in the front seat of his Mustang (not a Camaro, which I do recall that car, and not drinking either, because that would just be wrong), and had him tune in to...Echo and The Bunnymen, Lips Like Sugar, (the extended remix) since I knew he'd love it too. And of course he did. And he will most likely love this one. The kid does love that 80's vibe, and can't seem to get enough synthesizer in his life at the moment. How I will miss him when he leaves me in the dust for college in 3 weeks. Question: How old is too old to show up to a kegger there at school? Be careful how you answer that-I'm in a very delicate life phase.

    Thanks for starting the weekend off properly.

    1. You are never too old to show up at a kegger, especially if you can do the triple lindy.


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