Poor Paddy On The Railway - Shane MacGowan

from the "soundtrack" The Lone Ranger: Wanted (Music Inspired By The Film) (2013)

As time wears on, my respect for The Pogues continues to grow.  The ability of this band to meld traditional Celtic folk music with punk rock was truly magical.  I occasionally go onto You Tube and watch early videos of the band and get chills every time.  Perhaps music is becoming like art, where the greatest rarely get the recognition they deserve in their formidable years.

At the center of The Pogues was Shane MacGowan.  He personified the band's music like few other frontmen in music history.  His brash style and rotting teeth gave him an authenticity that could not be matched.  Someone should carve his face into a mountain, along with Johnny Rotten and Joey Ramone.

So to promote this week's release of The Lone Ranger film, the folks at Disney decided to released a "soundtrack" of songs "inspired" by the motion picture (but not actually appearing in it).  I would typically scoff at such a gimmick, but the record is so good that I simply can't help but dig it.  It includes Iggy Pop doing a take on the classic cowboy tune Sweet Betsy From Pike, along with great songs by Lucinda Williams, Gomez, and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.

But the song that grabs me most is Shane MacGowan performing a remake of the Pogues classic Poor Paddy On The Railway.  This version captures all the magic of the original with it's ecstatic, uptempo beat, rapid fire lyrics, and the voice of Shane MacGowan.

Click Here to watch the song performed by The Pogues.  How I would have loved to be there.

Click Here to watch Shane MacGowan cover I Put A Spell On You.  This song was recorded "Do They Know Its Christmas" style for Haitian Relief a couple of years ago and features a cavalcade of stars including Mick Jones, Chrissie Hynde, Nick Cave, and Johnny Depp on lead guitar.