Rooftop Session - Josh Heinrichs

from the EP Rooftop Session (2013)

In the early 1960's, The Drifters released two summer singles about lovers looking for a romantic hideaway in the crowded city.  Those two songs - Up On The Roof and Under The Boadwalk - have become classics, containing visual imagery and themes that everyone can easily relate to.

This summer, reggae artist Josh Heinrichs has leveraged similar imagery and theme with his song Rooftop Session.  The result is a delightful, slow reggae jam that is perfect for a warm summer night.

I really dig Josh Heinrichs' singing style, particularly his sweet falsetto.  I equally dig the songwriting and craftsmanship that creates a timeless quality to his music.  With this song, he has tempered down the harder edge of his former band - Jah Roots - to create something more universally appealing.

I recommend this song for your summer party mix.  Everybody's mix could use a grooving new reggae song like this.

Click Here to listen to the recorded version.

Click Here to watch a live performance at CaliRoots 2013.

Click Here for an acoustic version.