Sun Up Sun Down - Brooke White

from the soundtrack to Banner 4th of July (2013)

Happy 4th of July, y'all.

On this uniquely American holiday, what better time to listen to a bright, new country tune.  The one I'll be digging today is Sun Up Sun Down by Brooke White.  American Idol fans will remember Brooke from Season 7, where she finished in 5th place.  I personally admire her more for her post-Idol accomplishments.

This includes staring in a made-for-television movie titled Banner 4th of July that debuted on the Hallmark Channel last Saturday night.  In addition to acting in the film, she wrote and performed two original songs, including Sun Up Sun Down.

I dig this song on several fronts, beginning with the songwriting.  The song is perfectly crafted to compliment her vocal abilities.  The chord structure is intuitive and well integrated.  The vocal lines are superb, with a catchy melody and glorious harmonies.  In addition, the dynamics allow the song to effortlessly build and recede, hooking the listener at every turn.

The other great thing about this song is that it is fun.  I listen to tons of new music each week, and I am continually surprised by how little joy there is in modern music.  So hats off to Brooke White for this fun song that it perfect for anyone's barbecue.

Click Here to watch the performance from the movie.