The Hilo Bay Halfway - The Gene Dudley Group

from the album Saturday Shifting (2013)

Hilo is a small city on the east coast of Hawaii's Big Island where nature rules supreme. With active volcanos and about 200 inches of annual rainfall, this plush tropical garden never leaves you far from rainbows, waterfalls, and flowing lava.  It is something of a paradise.

The yin to this yang is that the funnel-shaped Hilo Bay is a tsunami magnet and you never know when a big wave will come and level the place.  It has happened a few times over the past century with horrific results.

As you ride out of town on Highway 19, about halfway around the bay, you can make a right at the cemetery and drive down the bluff to a small beach crowded with surfers.  It is a great spot to chill out and watch the dudes and dudettes in action.

But as you sit there, looking across the water, you can't help but think about The Next Big Wave, and the destruction it will bring.

The Hilo Bay Halfway is a funky, retro-styled soul instrumental from Wah Wah 45 recording artist Gene Dudley and his group.  When I listen to this song, I imagine myself standing tall on my longboard, riding a giant wave towards the center of town.  I might even be wearing my Kamehameha hat.

The music creates the perfect soundtrack for this scene.  With the rhythm section laying down a fine funk groove, accented by tasty guitar and keyboard tracks, the muscular horn section captures the triumph of conquering the tsunami.  This is one splendid song.

So climb up on your imaginary board and check this tune out.  Kowabunga !!!!

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