The Way We Fall - Alela Diane

from the album About Farewell (2013)

Alela Diane is a folkie from Portland, Oregon.  I really dig her song The Way We Fall.

The song's theme is about how when something happens "for the last time," we don't recognize it as such.  That leaves me thinking about some of the "last times" that I've unknowingly experienced.  How sad.  Then again, the optimistic in me will always think about "the next time."

This song is truly beautiful.  The opening lines:  "It was there / In my hometown / Drinking whiskey from the bottle" catch me, as does the later mantra "I didn't know / It was the last time."

Alela Diane is a songwriter of incredible skill.  This song strikes such a deep chord.  The theme haunts me.  I love it.

About three-and-a-half minutes in, you expect the song to end.  Instead it breaks down for the next minute and a half. Throughout this extended time, you are expecting a reprise that never happens.  No other song does this.  I am amazed at how this unorthodox ending drives home the song's theme.  What a brilliant piece of songwriting!  It is genius.

Equally brilliant are the performances.  Listen to the vocals, the guitar tracks, the drumming, and the synthesizer.  They are all perfect.  The harmonies that repeat "these cigarettes, these cigarettes" also amaze, as do the "call and response" lines.

What an incredible song.  Alela Diane was unknown to me yesterday.  Today, I hold her in the highest esteem.  I can't wait to discover more of her music.

Click Here to listen to The Way We Fall on Soundboard.

Click Here to watch a live performance.  Dig It !!!


  1. I love the background voices...very haunting, and the flutes are cool. Flutes don't get a lot of play these days. And the ending is pretty awesome. I'm watching an acoutic podcast from KEXP right now. Great voice.

    This song reminds me of a song by Neil Finn called Sinner that I love. Not sure why.

    Oh and 40 Watt, I'm sorry, I don't want to be the obnoxious blog reader who corrects the writer, but in case she is reading it, her first name is Alela. Let's blame it on lack of sleep, shall we? Go home already.

  2. Thanks. How embarrassing!

    Friends shouldn't let friends blog drunk.

  3. Don't worry. I got you.

    (Pretty damn good for being drunk. I can't even type my OWN name.)


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