Thousand Year Old Child - Pure X

from the album Crawling Up the Stairs (2013)

The past ten days have been one bizarre time warp, as I have been on Long Island tending to business matters.  Musically speaking, this is a "land that time forgot" and completely debilitating for a new music junkie like myself.  Hence, no recent blog entries.

On three occasions, I ventured out to hear some live bands and never heard a song from this millennium.  The most memorable numbers were Takin' It To The Streets (The Doobie Brothers), Amie (Pure Prairie League), and Black Or White (Michael Jackson).  How's that for living in the now?

My time in purgatory complete, I just checked into a NYC hotel and am jamming to the newest music I can find.   In a few hours, I'll be headed to the Mercury Lounge with some friends to catch a set from Diamond Doves.  Aah, the joys of urban living.

There is one song I am particularly tuned into right now: Thousand Year Old Child by Pure X.

My soul is awakened by the acoustic guitar and sliding bass intro that gives way to the drone of distortion and feedback.  It is followed by a beautiful chord progression played by Jesse Jenkins with a refreshing electric guitar tone that cleanses my spirit.  Enter the incredible falsetto of Nate Grace and the steady thud of Austin Youngblood's snare.  Together they free my mind.

As I listen to this song, I am renewed.  I feel like a thousand year old child...

Click Here to watch the official music video for Thousand Year Old Child.  I dig it.


  1. Welcome back, Mr. Gigolo. I was jonesin' for your next write-up.

    1. Thanks for being so snappy Anonymous. I just posted this thing.

  2. Jesus, thank God you're alive. I don't even care right now whatever this song is. As a mother of two young adults, one who just hit drinking age, I naturally pictured you lying in a ditch. Take that any way you want- that I consider you a young adult, or I'm just "cray", as the kids call me. Either would be wickedly inaccurate :)

    Is it any wonder we left the land that time forgot? Is the hair still big there., the gold still flashy and every guy Italian and/or arrogant?

    I have to go lay down now. You go have yourself a good night. And don't ever do that again, young man.

    1. Please don't call me Jesus.

      So, the crazy thing is that one night I was out with a co-worker and went to "the bar formerly known as Hutley's" .

      I was sitting at the bar eating something called a "Reuben Sliders" off the late night menu. In walked a local -you surely remember - named Chucky (call me Moe), who sat directly beside me.

      He turned his stool 90 degrees and stared at me intensely. He was certain he knew me but could not put it together. I was not in the mood to socialize and did not give him satisfaction. After all, I am the 40 Watt Gigolo and I only exist in cyberspace!!!

      Later that night, I found myself quasi-intoxicated singing The Smith's song "I Would Rather Not Go Back To The Old House." After all, there are too many memories there.

      It is just too weird being back there. There are small gaggle of geese I would kill to see again. Of course, you are amongst them.

      Sorry for the scare. You're one cool mama.

      Glad to be back.

  3. Hey, you're back. You need to be more regular with your posts

  4. Never been more proud to be in a gaggle.

    Chuckie???? No way. He used to stalk us girls, one by one. One summer, he walked to my house every single day, and my mom finally had to tell him to stop coming over. You could see him coming, with that gait of his, with the big arm swing.

    I know you had a rough week, but I am jealous. I would do anything to be at that bar, name change or not. Wonder what happened to the skeleton on the rafter?

    Glad you're back and not in a ditch. Why that is the first place a mother pictures someone, is a true phenomenon....or pheMOMenon...haha! If I had a dollar for every ditch I've wonder my kids say I'm cray.

    Oh, good song by the way. COOL video. Thx.

    Oh!!! Jason Isbell, here, Denver, CO, Sept. 4th...please, Lord, no major obstacles to my going!!! Tix go on sale Saturday.



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