Zydeco Hare Krishna - The Hanumen

from the album The Hanumen (2013)

Imagine yourself at a bar on the bayou.  You pull up in your fishing boat, walk up the deck, and are sucking the heads off of crawfish, washing them down with ice cold beer.  It is cajun heaven, except for the woman across the bar flashing her summer teeth at you.

All of a sudden a group of hare krishnas enter the joint.  They look out of place dressed in saris, dhotis, and kurtas.  Even more troubling is that one dude has a washboard and another has an accordion.  This causes one of the bar's regulars the exclaim "What the bleeding Jesus is going on here?"

They work their way onto the stage.  The dude with the washboard says "Testing One-Two."  The drummer is never quite comfortable with the return speakers.  The woman across the bar stops smiling.

The vocalists all start chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna," and the crowd is confused.  Then, after a minute, the full band kicks in.  The shuffle beat, tuba bass line, some fiddle, and a concertina.  The regular pronounces "Sweet Baby Jesus, these are Cajun Krishnas."  He is correct.

This is where my mind wanders when I listen to Zydeco Hare Krishna by The Hanumen.  I dig this song for taking me somewhere I would never have otherwise gone.

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  1. Surpisingly summery and refreshing...

    Though I remain a little disturbed over the image of "summer teeth" and just what that might look like. I take it that it ain't "purty".

    1. Summer teeth are when "summer there" and "summer not."

    2. Ok.


      Note to self:1) peruse the Urban Dictionary of the deep south.
      2) Call dentist STAT for overdue 6 month cleaning.

  2. Since your too shy to ask, another piece of southern slang is saying that someone "must be from LA."

    This does not refer to Los Angeles, but rather Lower Alabama. The phrase is almost always considered an insult, unless that person comes from certain parts of Mississippi.


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