7 Times Around The Sun - The Jim Jones Revue

from the album 7 Times Around The Sun (2013)

Nick Jones is the drummer for the Jim Jones Revue.  His performance on the song 7 Times Around The Sun is inspired, providing a test book example of a rock and roll drummer's responsibility to "establish the beat and maintain the beat."

This song is built on his galloping pattern played hard with brushes on the snare accented by powerful kicks on the bass drum.  There are no bass guitar or rhythm guitar tracks to establish a groove, just Nick Jones and his never faltering beat, naked and alone for all the world to hear.  Here's to you, Mr. Jones.

The drumming lays the foundation for two additional instruments, a thundering rockabilly piano track and a pair of maracas.  Above this is Jim Jones, leading a call and response vocal that sounds like something out of a prison movie.

The drumming and arrangement create a rough and tumble vibe that I really dig.

Click Here for the official music video.

Click Here for a live version recorded at a club in Paris.  What a perfect setting it must have been.