Amped Up - Robert Randolph & The Family Band

from the album Lickety Split (2013)

Once upon I time, I had a roommate who occasionally went by the name Hollywood.  He was a different kind of cat, and the fun we had together was pretty out there.  He had a serious obsession with his image, often spending hours in the mirror striking poses to a copy of People magazine.  This paid off, as his Linkedin photo is unquestionably the best in my network.

He also had the most impressive workout regiment of anyone I've known.  This included 45 minutes of intense jump roping every day.  I created the mix tape for these sessions, doing my best to fill it with the most uptempo songs I could find.  Songs like Night Time by The J. Geils Band, Got The Time by Joe Jackson, and a slew of Ramones tunes were staples.  However, he would inevitably say "I need something faster."

When I first heard the song Amped Up by Robert Randolph & The Family Band, I immediately thought of Hollywood.  This song would have made his workout tape.  It is a high-energy jam from start to finish.  It features some great performances, most notably the driving bass line.  Above that Robert Randolph lays down a blistering steel guitar lead.  This song is pure adrenaline.

I will be catching the band in the not to distant future.  I can't wait to hear them live.  As a special treat, one of my all-time freakiest friends will be in town to join in the festivities.  Can't wait.  All that will be missing is Hollywood and his jump rope.

Click Here to watch a video of this song performed in a recording studio.


  1. Freaky friends are the best. Especially when they are also cosmic.

    Hollywood sounds awesome.

  2. Help me Theresa. What makes a friend cosmic?

  3. Aw, seriously Gig? You had to go there and make me??

    Ok...well, you asked for it:

    A cosmic friend is like when someone gives you a wild goose, or a freight train, with a loose caboose.

    With a cosmic friend, you don't need no earthquake, don't need no tidal wave.

    Til night falls, and day breaks, they make ya shake, shake, shake.

    While cruisin' throught the ionsosphere, they make you see alien beings, that shake their alien things.

    So don't let it rest on the President's desk- rock the house.

    ----And that's what cosmic friends are all about, Charlie Brown.

  4. Hells yea...complete with little green alien decals to toss from convertibles that are as big as a whale!

  5. Alrighty!!

    Too bad I missed the car that seats about 20. Tin roof rusted, huh?

  6. And its headed down the Atlanta Highway...

    1. Aghhhh...! I can't resist. Gotta pull that old CD out and listen to Bushfire and Channel Z. Everyone has "the" concert of their lives...1990, Fillmore West. Will never, ever forget that night. It is seriously in the top 3 for concerts. Could be the elicit substances that assisted, but will never forget the bass ( played by a chick) and the overall sound quality. It was amazing. Talk about shakin' your honeybuns...then saw them years later in an outdoor amphitheater and was so let down. Nothing great ever lasts....not even old cars made of cast iron, huh?


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