Be My Monster Love - David Murray

from the album Be My Monster Love (2013)

My next door neighbor is a writer for our city's major newspaper.  He is a quiet chap, rarely saying hello, simply nodding as he works on his never-ending landscape project.

The one thing that I know about him is that he is a serious jazz enthusiast.  Miles & Monk can be heard coming from deep inside his brick house on any given morning.  When visitors stop by, Duke Ellington and Stan Getz seem to be his preference.

I often wonder what he makes of the eclectic cacophony that blares from my back deck most evenings I'm in town.  The joy of transitioning a mix from Shoegaze to Beach Goth to Nigerian Funk is likely lost on him.  This supports my theory that good speakers make good neighbors.

However, on weekend mornings, I am sometimes inclined to put on a jazz mix.  My most common mix is of swingin' tunes.  Stuff like Ella singing The Cow Cow Boogie.  It are these moments that keep him from calling the cops.

Saturday morning, I was listening to the song Be My Monster Love off of David Murray's latest record. The song features a piano, bass, and drums laying down a vibe that places you in a smokey, basement jazz club with blue neon buzzin' behind the bar and waitresses making sure you hit the two drink minimum.  Above that are a killer saxophone solo and a gravel vocal from Macy Gray.  The texture of her voice makes the song.

As I am losing myself in the tune, I notice my dog fixed on something in the neighbor's yard.  It is my neighbor, staring at me with a shovel in his hand, looking like the villain in a Scooby-Doo episode.  When our eyes meet, he says "I like that song."  I hope you do too.

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