Big Surprise - Carbon / Silicon

from the single Big Surprise (2013)

With Joe Strummer gone, the Clash fanatic in me need not look too far for inspiration.  Mick Jones' band Carbon / Silicon released the single Big Surprise a few months ago.  It is such a positive and uplifting song.  Each verse contains lines that ring like mantras in my mind.  Here is a taste:

Great tomorrows lie in wait
With much to celebrate
And paradise lost will be found
The good times always come around

Oh-oh, I'm alive, we're alive
Oh-oh, I survived, we survived
As the sun will always rise
Cause along comes another one
And life's a big surprise

Maybe today is one of those days
To be astounded and amazed
And seeing that laughter in your face
Restores my faith in the human race

There are few songs that strike a deep personal chord in me.  This is one of them.

Click Here to watch the official music video.


  1. Well my dear pal, it may be your special day, but your choice of song made mine.

    "And the sun will always rise
    To blow away those cloudy skies
    An eagle soars into the blue
    An angel calls and says 'hey you'"

    I hope I can steal this verse as MY mantra.

    Have the best day today. You are most deserving.


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