Can't Pretend - Tom Odell

from the album Long Way Down (2013)

In May 1972, a 22 year old Bruce Springsteen auditioned for Columbia Records.  The recording opens his collection of rarities titled Tracks, with the engineer announcing "Bruce Springsteen.  Columbia Pop Audition.  Job number 79628.  Mary Queen of Arkansas.  Take One."  What follows is magic, as the young musician strums his guitar and sings his song.  With each note, you hear the raw talent that will make rock and roll history.  I get chills listening to it.

I am reminded of this when I listen to the song Can't Pretend.  At the age of 21, Tom Odell walked into a studio and recorded what would become his first single for Columbia Records.  I can't help but wonder if someone forty years from now will listen and have the same experience I do with Mary Queen of Arkansas.

What talent this young Brit has.  His skills as a songwriter, singer, and musician are on full display as he leads his band thru this track.  Listening to the quality of the arrangements and the intonation of his voice and piano, I cannot help but wonder what lies ahead.  I wish him well.

Click Here to watch a live studio performance.