Drinkin' - Holly Williams

from the album The Highway (2013)

One of my funky friends is second cousin to Hank Williams.  That makes her redneck royalty.

Yesterday, we were at a birthday party and she extended an invite to join her for a show by one of her kinfolk - Holly Williams - in a couple of weeks.  I did my best not to freak out.  I have been diggin' her tune Drinkin' since I first heard it back in January.  I had never made the Hank connection, let alone the funky friend one.

This song is so well written.  For example, if you only listened to the first line of each verse, you would get the gist of the entire song.  Here they are:

Why are you drinkin' like the night is young?
Why are you screamin' like I don't have ears?
Why are you cheatin' on a woman like this?
Why are you leavin' like we don't exist?
Now, I'm here drinkin' like the night is young.

Equally impressive are the music and arrangement.  The softly picked acoustics, the minimalist bass line, the subliminal drumming, and the mournful fiddle each enter the song quietly, careful not to detract from the vocals grit and authenticity. Then, once the vocals are complete, the musicians step forward for a tight reprise that I find most impressive.

I am looking forward towards the show.  If Holly Williams can couple Hank's musicianship with my funky friend's sweet personality, she'll be fine in my book.

Click Here for the official video.


  1. I absolutley love this song. Her songwriting is right up there with the best of them. I have downloaded it along with Let You Go. Love that one too.

    Have fun at the show. Lucky you...


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