Eurozone - Shine 2009

from the single Eurozone (2013)

I am an activist for a cause.  As is always the case, money is required for the cause to endure.  Initially, this comes from benefactors.  However, as the cause grows, securing additional revenue streams becomes essential to survival.  Then you wake up one morning from your idealistic dream and realize that money is the cause.

The Eurozone is a cause that started with the lofty ideal of creating peace and prosperity for its millions of inhabitants.  It has effectively become an economic union whose survival relies on money.  The major difference between their cause and mine is that the leaders of the Eurozone are using it to become obscenely rich.

With that as a backdrop. I totally dig the tune Eurozone by Shine 2009.

This dance song has a great hook line that goes "It's easy when you know how to do it / Let's make a profit."  As I groove to the beat, this lyric creates a vision of rich Euro-bastards dancing with champagne in the hands and money sticking out their holes.

I also dig the operatic voice that soars above the melody.  I am surprised more groups don't blend elements of opera into their music.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this song, Comrades.

Click Here to listen to the single.


  1. Awesome post. Reminds me of "Let's Make Lots Of Money" by the Pet Shop Boys.

  2. You are not an activist, you are the Lead Activist. And our cause rocks... and we know it!


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