In the City - Tim Timebomb

from the single In The City (2013)

Aspiring artists, writers, and musicians are often taught that the best way to achieve their potential is to practice their craft every day.  This can be grueling, but the results are undeniable.  My personal experience is that frequent blogging has greatly improved my writing skills.

Tim Armstrong, best known as the guitarist and vocalist for Rancid, has fully bought into this philosophy.  Under the pseudonym Tim Timebomb, he has committed to release a new song every day in 2013.

These songs consist largely of cover versions of tunes that span everything from Sittin' On The Dock Of A Bay by Otis Redding to Concrete Jungle by The Specials.  The song I am particularly digging this week is In The City, that was released yesterday.  This song is an instrumental version of The Jam's 1977 classic.  Viva Paul Weller.

Listening to this song, I am struck by how effortless it seems.  No doubt the result of his daily routine.  The musicians sound so at ease.  The recording is engineered with the appropriate garage feel, but note that each instrument has the perfect tone.  I am particularly drawn to the sound of the snare drum and the guitars.

Another thing that knocks me out is that he produces a new piece of cover art every day.  I get a kick out of going to iTunes and scrolling thru the long list of songs, checking out the artwork.  It has evolved into quite a stylistic portfolio that perfectly captures and reinforces the Tim Timebomb brand.  I urge my graphic design friends to check it out.

But most of all, this year-long endeavor by Tim Timebomb reminds me that it takes hard, steady work to accomplish anything of value.  Some things are a grind that take a while to evolve, but you just need to stick to it, not get lazy, and do your best every day.  Hard work is the secret to success.

Click Here to visit Tim Timebomb's website and check out his most recent releases.

Click Here to listen to yesterday's version of In The City.


  1. Any reference to the Jam is more than ok in my book. Actually saw a picture of Weller with Townsend today. Keep writing. Fast Freddie

    1. Hey Fast Freddie!!!

      Hope you are well. I can't wait to hear you Jam tunes again. Rock on!!!



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