Marathon Man - The Icarus Line

from the album Slave Vows (2013)

Of all the music out there, how much of it is really exciting to listen to?  For me, not too much.

The Doors were probably the most exciting band I can think of.  Songs like Five To One or The Unknown Soldier best make the case.  When I listen, I never quite know where they are going next.  And when it does, it is unexpected and awesome.  Couple that with Jim Morrison's aura and the song becomes an experience.

The song Marathon Man by The Icarus Line excites me.  This is a heavy rock tune with drenching guitar playing that leaves you exhausted after almost 7 minutes.  This sensation is largely created by the guitar that screeches over a steady beat and bass groove.  It is monumental distortion and feedback that comes and goes.  When it comes, the bass and drums explode into mayhem.  When it goes the bass and drums fall back into the beat and groove.  It is a thrill.  I dig how the snare drum sounds like a gunshot.

The other thing that makes this song special are the vocals by Joe Cardamone.  They are perfectly matched to the music, similar to the way Michael Hutchence's vocals complimented INXS.  Not to say they sound alike, but it has the same effect that lends to the excitement.

I have heard The Icarus Line referred to as a post-hardcore band and a freak-out band.  All I know is that this song leaves me freaked out.

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