No Expression - The Sufis

from the album Inventions (2013)

When you think of Nashville, psychedelic music is typically not the first thing that comes to mind.  The Sufis are out to change that.

On their latest album, Inventions, I am really digging the tune No Expression.  From the first note, the drum beat and the guitar tone remind me on the more psychedelic pop tunes of mid-60's Beatles albums, particularly Revolver.  You could hear Ringo Starr banging out the uptempo beat.

The song also sports a host of little things that keep me hitting the repeat button:

-->  The choice of keyboard tones.  From the farfisa lurking in the background of the choruses to the song's cheap electric piano lead, these accents perfectly craft the thrilling vibe.

-->  The way the backing vocals hold a sustained chord over a snare roll on the first chorus.  Then, on the second chorus, the beat changes to create a new groove.  These choices of beats are pretty cool.

-->  The production team.  Although it is lo-fi, it manages to capture a fun, retro vibe while remaining firmly planted in the now.

-->  Brevity.  At two-minutes-nineteen-seconds, this song leaves you wanting more.

Rethink Nashville.  Embrace The Sufis.

Click Here for the official music video.  It is really creepy and fun.