Pelican Man - Youth Lagoon

from the album Wondrous Bughouse (2013)

I have a thing for pelicans.  They are just too cool.  Flying low, dive bombing for chow, all the while looking majestically silly.  If I were reincarnated, I wouldn't mind being one.  That said, I was naturally attracted to the song Pelican Man when it was released earlier this year.

Youth Lagoon has created a wonderfully imaginative song here.  The bass, drums, effect-heavy guitars, and assorted keyboards come together to create a series of sweeping movements that evoke everything from symphonic cascades to electronic drone.

My favorite part begins about a minute into the piece when the bass and drums kick-in behind a theatrical keyboard riff.  The music creates a sensation that I am actually a pelican in flight, gliding above the coastline, my keen eyes observing the beauty below.  It takes a special songwriter to create this imagery in a listener.

Then enter the second movement with vocals (this song does not have a typical lyric structure).  It contains sustained keyboard chords struck over tremendous drumming with the sound of wind whirling in stereo.  The lyrics are a bit dark and offer me a reality check, ending with:

...and its all in your head
That you are the pelican
You are the pelican man

But I know better than that.  Time to go parasailing.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Pelican Man.

Click Here for a live version recorded at the TreeFort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho.