Playboys Of The Western World - Minks

from the album Tides End (2013)

In recent months, I have been finding myself increasingly fond of the SynthPop crowd.  No doubt that part of it is a romantic attachment to the synthesizer bands of the 1980's, although at the time I was far more aligned with guitar bands.  To a larger extent, the major driver is that successful bands in this genre value the musical elements that I admire most in a song.  Things like songwriting, musicianship, melody, and vocals.

I also dig the crowds at SynthPop shows.  They tend to be happy people.  You never feel like a fight is going to break out.

Playboys of the Western World by Minks has been spinning in my regular rotation this week.  As I listen, I imagine myself on a late autumn afternoon having cocktails and a smoke with friends overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in a town like Sea Ranch.  Then I climb into the convertible and cruise along the coastal route, past towns like Gualala and Bodega Bay, jamming to some awesome mix before entering San Francisco and its beautiful lights.  This is the perfect ride.

What I find particularly attractive about this song is that the vibe has a laid-back, sun-drenched feel.  It is not written for a dance club, but rather for putting your chill on.  And who doesn't like putting their chill on?

Click Here to watch the official music video.  I really enjoy the vintage footage of Heff with the playmates, the dancing and the cocktails.  I belong there.