Stop Tonight - Yellowbirds

from the album Songs From The Vanished Frontier (2013)

Hey baby, let's go out tonight...  With this opening line, Sam Cohen and company kick off a psychedelic folk tune that I really dig.

Unlike classic psychedelia that can leave a listener freaking out and licking the wallpaper, on Stop Tonight the listener is taken to a happy place where they can explore the infinite possibilities of love.

This pleasure field begins with an erie space age vibe that quickly crescendos with beautiful orchestration that transports you to a higher plain.  From here, the visual imagery of "the stars surely shining somewhere" for cooped-up lovers unfold over a great bass line, tasty drumming that create the foundation for all the other wonderful instrumentation.

If you have the opportunity to listen to this song on high-end speakers, you will be treated to well crafted tones and production.  If you are in a psychedelic mood, you will be treated to something even more glorious.

Click Here to listen to Stop Tonight.

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