The Sermon - Mickey Hart

from the album Superorganism (2013)

Whenever a new Mickey Hart album comes out I am eager listen, knowing that I will be graced by great rhythms and vibes.  With that said, I have been listening to his new album, Superorganism, since it's release earlier this month.  Of all the groovin' tunes on this record, I particularly dig The Sermon.

The musical genius of this 70-year old percussionist is in full display as a flowing, tribal rhythm couples with funked-up guitar riffs to create a shifting, primitive vibe.  Above this are powerful, bible-thumping lyrics, flawlessly delivered by Crystal Monee Hall.  When I listen to her sing, I am reminded of Annie Lenox.

The lyrics to this song are particularly noteworthy.  They are written by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, with some of the lines tipping a hat to early songs by The Chieftans.  These lyrics perfectly compliment the band's vibe.  Listen to how the music rises as the verse ends, then settles down just as the next verse begins.  The deeper you travel into this song, the more amazing it becomes.

Of all the members of the Dead, I most admire the path of Mickey Hart.  He clearly has marched to his own drum, creating great music all along the way.

Click Here to watch a live version performed at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado a few months ago.