California Analog Dream - Vondelpark

from the album Seabed (2013)

At the risk of sounding lame, my favorite thing to do in Amsterdam is rent a bicycle and explore.  It never fails to be an adventure.  Inevitably, I find myself in Vondelpark, chillin' in the grass by a pond, thinking "these geese don't look like the geese back home."

I also dig the British indie-dream-synthpop band that shares its name with this favorite biking destination.  They take their craft serious.  You hear it in the tones and arrangements.  You also hear it when you listen to their albums "cover to cover."  Every song is well considered and the listener is able to enjoy close to an hour of quality music.

I have many favorites on Vondelpark's album Seabed, but the one that hooks me most is California Analog Dream.  The song begins with a minute-long, chill-jam vibe of guitar, bass, and synthesizer/drums.  Everything sounds great.  The drum beat is a real cool pattern that begins on the high hat before taking a trip around the toms.  This pattern creates the foundation from which the vibe evolves.  There is also a harmonica that adds to the feel.

Making the song complete are the vocals of Lewis Rainsbury.  His voice is rich, smooth, and textured.  The way he delivers the line "I'm walking to San Diego" really stays with me.  I find myself singing it at odd times (usually thinking "that would be a long walk").  The combination of his vocals with the band's musicianship sets them apart.  Hope you enjoy.

By the way, I am writing this blog entry from Vodelpark!

Click Here to watch the music video.