Captured - Gov't Mule

from the forthcoming album Shout (2013)

When is the last time you listened to a new song that reminded you of Pink Floyd?

Captured, from Gov't Mule's forthcoming album Shout, is a song that has shades of Pink Floyd woven into their Southern Blues Rock stylings.  From the opening measures, the tone of Warren Haynes' guitar channels David Gilmore.  For the next nine minutes, each solo and extended jam bring me back to songs like Pigs (Three Different Ones) off of the classic Animals album.

During the vocal segments, the band shifts into its more traditional southern fare.  I use to compare Gov't Mule to the music of the Allman Brothers, but not so much any more.  They have evolved into a unique package that stands so strong on their own that it is unfair to offer comparisons.

This song is not a rip of Floyd, it is a tribute.  Both to a great band from the past and a great band of the present.  Hope you dig it.

Click Here to listen to Captured on SoundCloud.