Cinco Minutos Con Vos - Elvis Costello & The Roots

from the album Wise Up Ghost (2013)

Back in May, I posted a blog entry on the song Losing Game by the band La Santa Cecilia.  In it, I told how I sitting on my back deck listening to the song when all of a sudden Elvis Costello's voice entered, giving the song an entirely new edge.

Last night, I was on my back deck listening to the new album by Elvis Costello & The Roots when I had the reverse experience.  Track Nine is a cool song titled Cinco Minutos Con Vos with Elvis singing over a spooky vibe, then around three minutes into the tune La Santa Cecilia lead singer La Marisoul enters.  She is singing in Spanish and sounding great.  Holy Deja Vu, Batman!

The pairing of Elvis and The Roots is fascinating to listen to.  Historically, each has the ability to make those they perform with sound better.  And here, they seem to really bring out the best in each other.  In recent years, Elvis has been something of a chameleon, adapting his style to suit the moment.  But on this record Elvis can be Elvis with all the quirky variations and The Roots move right along with him.  And for their part, The Roots seem to respond well towards playing with a master musician with an incredibly diverse range.  This record will be in my regular rotation for the foreseeable future.

What lies next for Elvis?  Perhaps he can be the King of Latin America.

Click Here to watch Cinco Minutos Con Vos performed live at the Brooklyn  Bowl.

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