Forbidden Fruit - Tijuana Panthers

from the album Semi-Sweet (2013)

When I travel to a distant city for an important event, I like to arrive early and acclimate.  Amsterdam is a city where acclimating is key.  I have done it very well.

This morning, I took a long bike ride in and around Vondelpark.   Fully acclimated, I was comfortable listening to tunes for the first time this trip.  This resulted in a revelation:  Beach Goth sounds great when you are biking in Amsterdam.

The highlight of this morning was Forbidden Fruit by Tijuana Panthers.  The song has a great surf guitar riff that seemed perfectly displaced from the locals in rain gear riding to work.  Add to it the opening line "Blues everywhere, its gonna be a party" and I am cruising around like a happy idiot.  When the second verse hits and the singer goes falsetto, the scene becomes simply surreal, with people looking at me strange for my high-pitched singing and the stupid grin on my face.

I highly recommend that any Beach Goth lovers fly over here and give it a shot.

Click Here to watch a video of Tijuana Panthers performing Forbidden Fruit live.  Very poor audio.

Click Here to listen to the album version of the song.


  1. Which reminds me...Jack wanted me to be sure that I told you he played "Pipeline" the other night.

    Man, can he play a gee-tar.

    Great group!! I am listening to the album right now.

  2. Yeah, Jack is something else.

    I hope you told him that you actually road in the '71 Catalina. He'd be jealous.

  3. Hopefully my wife will be invited next year so that I can tag along and acclimate with you.

    1. I'll do my best to make that happen. It will be a blast.


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