Fresh Stuff - The Deadbeats

from the album We Are The Music Makers (2013)

To be read in the voice of Don Cornelius

If Curtis Mayfield or Barry White were alive, I am certain that they would create the baddest electronic vibes ever recorded.  Close you eyes and feel their groove...

Now that your eyes are open, reflect on the experience.  Together in a room.  The lights turned low.  Sex is in the air.  The music is perfect.

One new song that I dig is Fresh Stuff by The Deadbeats.  It is a downtempo jam, perfect for a SoHo lounge or a tender rendezvous.  Mellow keys.  A thud in the dope beat.  Trippy guitar.  Hypnotic bass.  And a brother's voice, loadin' smoothies in the blender, saying "You've got the Fresh Stuff."

Love, peace, and chill.

Click Here to listen to Fresh Stuff on SoundCloud.

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