I Built A Town - Mount Moriah

from the album Miracle Temple (2013)

I Built A Town by Mount Moriah is a special song that contains my favorite lyrics in recent memory.  The visual imagery is goose bump good.  The opening verse:

I built a house behind my eyes
I sewed a veil for you to hide
I grew flowers to cut
Towers to hold you high
But there was nothing I could do
To keep you inside

Oh, that first line.  As Heather McEntire delivers it, sweet and raw, I can see the imaginary cottage, in a sea of blooms, which she hopes to share with someone she loves.  As the song progresses, and her grasp on that unfulfilled love is slipping away, she sings "Tear loose from the stitches and show me how your free."  And finally, accepting fate: "Dance slow through the hollows now / Go on disappear."  I am moved.

The music is equally superb.  Bass, guitar, drums, and organ come together to form the ghostly alt-country vibe that exquisitely frames the vocals.  Each instrument is tenderly played.  The space between the notes allowing you to feel every bittersweet tone.

The music also contains tracks of orchestration that rise and fall, lifting the listener to stirring crescendos before gently laying them back down.  I really dig how this string arrangement has an Eastern tinge that gives an otherworldliness to the tune's straightforward feel.  Above the orchestration, the lyrics soar even higher thanks a fantastic vocal performance.  Not many singers can let loose with such emotion.

This song is beautiful.

Click Here to watch I Built A Town performed live in the studio.  This version does not include the orchestration, allowing you to appreciate the band in their natural state.


  1. Smokin' hot blog this week....Gov't Mule, Los Straightjackets, Mount Moriah...finally getting caught up and am happy to hear all this awesome music.

    The weekend is lookin' good so far.


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