I Threw It All Away - Bob Dylan

from the album Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series - Volume 10 (2013)

Bob Dylan's music has helped me navigate several rough patches in my life.  His records connect with my inner truths.  On late nights, I sit - glass of wine in hand - as he put my past in perspective and sets my future on course.

 I Threw It All Away is a song from 1969's Nashville Skyline album where Dylan accepts blame for a failed relationship.  As I listen, I can't help but recall similar blame I shoulder.  If there is truth in wine, mixing it with Dylan holds truth to the mirror and makes you kiss its festering boils.

Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand
And rivers that ran through every day
I must have been mad
I never knew what I had
Until I threw it all away

This week, Columbia Records released Volume 10 of The Bootleg Series containing two discs of previously unreleased live and studio recordings from 1969 thru 1971.  Track 10 on Disc 1 is an alternative studio recording of I Threw It All Away.

This version strips out some instrumentation and all of Johnny Cash's brilliant harmonies, allowing the song to be appreciated in a more raw state.

One might expect this to put more focus on the lyrics, but actually it shines a light on the songwriting.  Dylan's poetry is elevated by the perfectly selected chords that frame each line.  With this version, I am captivated by every magical chord change.  I find the minor chords especially moving.

Time to open another bottle and turn up the new-old Bob.

Click Here to watch Dylan perform I Threw It All Away on The Johnny Cash Show in 1969.