Master Hunter - Laura Marling

from the album Once I Was An Eagle (2013)

Side Two of Led Zeppelin III contains five songs - Gallows Pole, Tangerine, That's The Way, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, & Hats Off To (Roy) Harper - that stand apart from the rest of their catalogue for their transition away from blues towards acoustic folk.  Kind of like Dylan in reverse.

The thing I always dig about these songs is the sound of Jimmy Page's guitar.  The tones are so incredibly rich in texture, sounding different from American folk, with a muscularity that I equate with the Welsh countryside where the songs were composed.

On Laura Marling's spectacular release Once I Was An Eagle, my favorite song is Master Hunter.  The primary reason is that this song captures the tone of Jimmy Pages acoustic performance unlike any other song I am aware of.  The recording of the drums also rings of Zeppelin.

Above this musical backdrop is an inspired vocal performance.  It is marvelously well-suited for the music.  Confident, sultry, and modern.  She can really sing.

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