Meet Me In The City - North Mississippi All Stars

from the album World Boogie Is Coming (2013)

Junior Kimbrough was an under appreciated blues legend from the North Mississippi hill country.  Together with R.L. Burnside, they brought the distinctive music of their region to a wider audience and have served as a major influence for many of today's musicians.  Although he recorded only a handful of records, they stand as a testament to the power of raw, authentic blues.

Meet Me In the City by the North Mississippi All Stars is a cover version of one of Junior Kimbrough's most celebrated songs.  They are likely candidates to perform this cover, as they are from the region and the band once included R.L. Burnside's son Duwayne.  Three points of note are:

-->  They have served as the back-up band for John Hiatt.

-->  Guitar and vocalist Luther Dickinson also serves as the lead guitarist for The Black Crowes.

-->  Luther and drummer Cody Dickinson's father played keyboards on Bob Dylan's Time Out Of Mind album.  He also played with The Rolling Stones and Albert Collins.  He served as producer for bands including The Replacements.

What I dig most about this song is its relaxed groove.  It is a great song for getting in your car early in the morning and driving along the coast or a country road.  The simple beat is perfect, as are the tender guitar playing, vocals, and harmonies.  I also dig how the song periodically kicks into some fuzzed out segments.  Cool arrangement.

Click Here to watch the music video for Meet Me In The City.

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