One - Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

to be released on the forthcoming album UZU (2013)

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan are a six-piece band based in Toronto, Canada.  They come from the world of art and theatre, exploring the boundaries of "East Meets West" by playing hard, psychedelic music that weaves in Asian overtones.  Their production is edgy and modern, with a regard for high fidelity.

On stage, this band performs wearing Japanese theatrical paint.  They describe their style of music as noh-wave, a self-named variation of new wave.  I think of them more akin to a band like Dengue Fever, who describe themselves as a blend of psychedelic rock and world music.  The band also does theatrical work, including Drag Rock Operas.  All in all, this is not the garage band next door.

I have been very tuned in to their song One.  This tune features chanting, heavy guitar riffs, fearless drumming, psychedelic production, and pulsing stringed instruments to create an eclectic romp that sounds great played loud.  I really enjoy how the electric guitars carry you thru the sometimes bizarre soundscape.

I also dig how this song fits right in to some of my favorite music mixes.  I urge you to check them out.

Click Here to listen to One on SoundCloud.


  1. Urge no more. This is awesome! I get the Eastern overtones, but when i close my eyes and listen i can't help but think of this as a sound track for native americans kicking some euro imperial ass on the high prairies of north america...maybe I need more coffee. Thanks!!!


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