Rat Race - Purling Hiss

from the album Water On Mars (2013)

As I wrap up my week in Amsterdam, I wanted to share my most glaring observation:  the only music I heard played in public during the entire trip was electronic.  This includes restaurants, bars, strip clubs, parties, and anywhere else I may have staggered.  Never did I hear classic rock, reggae, alternative, jazz, blues, R&B, or soul.  For that matter, I never heard hip-hop or rap.

Even when I heard Bangladeshi yodeling, it was over an electronic beat.

This led to lots of cool vibes that I quite actually dug.  Electronic music is great for creating an atmospheric world to chill out and enjoy the company you are with.  However, this gigolo needs some good loud rock and roll from time to time.  So, my parting gift to the people of Amsterdam is Rat Race by Purling Hiss.

Bass, drums, and guitar played really loud.  Anthemic lyrics beginning with "Everybody wants to have a good time."  Powerful lead guitar.  Come on my little Dutch friends, get your rocks off to this...

Click Here to watch Rat Race performed live in Philadelphia.