The Real - Derrick Hodge

from the album Live Today (2013)

I believe that the most promising development in the evolution of popular music is the ever increasing collaboration and experimentation between jazz and electronic artists.

I first recall being blown away by the Verve Remix series ten years or so ago.  At the time, I thought that the Dan The Automator remix of Willie Bobo's Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries was about the best thing going.

For me, I have always appreciated jazz as the most advanced form of music.  However, I have never fully embraced it because I'm one of those people who needs a catchy beat to stay hooked.  My guess is that I'm not alone.  But if you can combine the superior musicianship with well-conceived, modern beats then you really have my attention.

The Real is a song by Derrick Hodge that helps make the point.  This song contains beats as jazz horn stylings to create a sophisticated groove that contains both musical excellence and catchy beats.  It creates a vibe that one might expect in a SoHo lounge filled with supermodels and rich dudes.  I'd like to DJ in a place like that!

Derrick Hodge is perfectly suited for this "new" jazz.  As a bass player, composer, and producer he has all the capabilities needed to craft the music.  When you think about it, the rubber hits the road with the bassist laying down a groove that coincides with the beats.  If you can then write a jazz composition around the rhythm section and produce the record,  you are the man.

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