You And I - Foy Vance

from the album Joy Of Nothing (2013)

Foy Vance is a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland.  I am attracted to his music for its roots rock sound.  It has an empty void that reminds me of driving across Wyoming or Eastern Montana and a warmth that I associate with a porch light from a solitary home you might pass along the way.  It is a similar vibe to the I get listening to The BoDeans first album, Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams.

I have been having a lot of fun dissecting the instruments to his song You And I.  I really dig the guitar tone.  It is clean with subliminal touches that give it a distant edge.  I also enjoy the drumming that gives the song its driving force.  The meter of the beat is well suited for driving on the interstate.  Then there are the subtle violins that I find beautiful.

But what I dig most are the vocals.  Foy Vance has a voice that is incredibly well suited for this vibe.  As he holds the longer notes, you hear grit, longing, and authenticity.  How many singers would sell their souls for these qualities?  It is particularly gripping as he sings the catch line "You and I, we are hard as stone."

The added treat to this catch line is the endearing harmony delivered by Bonnie Raitt.  It is wonderful to hear her voice again.  I've missed her.  What a thrill it must have been for Foy Vance to record with her.

Click Here to watch Foy Vance perform You And I live in a hotel in Glasgow.


  1. Wow- love it. Turns out I downloaded a free song of his on iTunes just last week or the week before. Weird, as I rarely go on there, and much less find a song worth the space on my phone, free or not. It's a single, called Closed Hand, Full of Friends-take a listen- it, too, is excellent. An incredible voice. I'd have paid for it if I had to. :)

    And I do agree with the BoDeans reference- gotta love that grass roots sound. Some just do it better than others.


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