Ballad Of The Opening Band - Jeff Tweedy

from the single Songs For Slim: Ballad Of The Opening Band / From The Git Go (2013)

You were gonna be a singer on The Hit Parade
Instead you're just a singer warming up the stage
For tomorrow's latest rage

So goes Slim Dunlap's lament for a singer with an unfulfilled destiny, released this week by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy as part of the Songs For Slim collection helping to cover Slim's medical bills following the massive stroke he suffered last year.

The song is standard americana fare, with doleful harmonica shaping the mood above bass, guitars, and drums.  The song is well-suited for Jeff Tweedy's voice with his vocal authenticity delivering the poignant lyrics.  All things coupled together, this tune is an easy, satisfying listen.

I am a big fan of the Songs For Slim.  They represent the best in humanity.

Click Here to listen to Jeff Tweedy's rendition on SoundCloud.

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