Calling Cards - Neko Case

from the album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You (2013)

When Neko Case took the stage the other night, her sweet smile and down-to-earth nature was like seeing a dear, old friend.  Time and distance instantly fell away, leaving me relaxed and happy.  Smiling and laughing.  As the night rolled on, I can remember every detail, never wanting it to end.

My favorite song from her new album is Calling Cards.  It is a pretty song that Gram Parsons would have referred to as Cosmic American Music.  The tender composition recalls times long gone but forever close at hand.  I really dig the lyrics:

Singing we'll all be together
Even when we're not together
With our arms around each other
With our faith still in each other
I've got calling cards
From 20 years ago

It was great being in a theatre crowded with people who still believe in songs like this and a performer who knows how to deliver the message with an inviting grace.  It was an evening I'll never forget.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Calling Cards.


  1. To think I had this album in my hands just yesterday, and did not get it, thinking I will download it. Only to get home and remember that a new PC is on it's way. I am such a dum dum girl.

    By far, your best entry. For lots of reasons. What a beautiful song. She is amazing, very relatable and extremely easy to feel somehow connected to. The truth in her words, her ability to deliver her message without the need to be cryptic, is enviable.

    It is as Gram Parsons would describe it- Cosmic.


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