El Señor Surf - Surfer Joe

from the album Señor Surf (2013)

Earlier today, I really upset a bunch of people by speaking the truth.  Perhaps they would have preferred me to play surf guitar.  You know, something with a melodious riff over a predictable beat.  Not a song like Wipe Out.  That would be far too offensive.  I bet they'd fancy Walk Don't Run ...

This has led me to empty a growler and crank some of the best new surf tunes on the planet.  One song that I've been particularly digging is El Señor Surf by Italian surf icon Surfer Joe.  In this delightful little ditty, he lays down no less than five variations in his tone.  Each transition feels seamless and the tones are reminiscent of great 60's artists like The Ventures and Dick Dale.

I also dig that Lorenzo Surfer Joe is something of an entrepreneur.  Based in the port city of Livorno, Italy (just south of Pisa), he runs a booking agency for surf bands, owns a surf diner, and hosts the Surfer Joe Summer Festival, featuring three days of global surf guitar bands gathered in Livorno.  I will be putting this on my to-do list.

Click Here to visit the website for the Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2013.  It looks like a blast.

Click Here to watch Surfer Joe perform El Señor Surf at The Pike, a restaurant in Long Beach, California.  The performance was part of this year's Surf Guitar 101 Convention Weekend ... Lesson One: How to put the reverb on 10.