Golondrina - Dom La Nena

from the EP Golondrina (2013)

There are few things more romantic than a Brazilian girl singing a tender song.

Dom La Nena is a Brazilian cellist, singer, and songwriter who currently calls Paris home.  I totally dig her new song Golondrina.  The beauty of her voice is only surpassed by the way she plays her instrument.  The two elements are all that is needed to create a timeless song for late night listening.

Early in the song, she simply plucks octaves in the pattern a tuba might play.  But as the notes ring, the melancholy of the cello's overtones affect you and play off the innocence of her voice.  The plucking track continues throughout the song.

Midway thru, she overlays a second track with her playing with a bow.  The vibrato she achieves with her left hand adds a magnificent tension over the the plucked track.  Few instruments sound better than a cello in the hands of a master.

The production of the song has outstanding fidelity.  I also dig the way that overdubbed vocals are occasionally leveraged to add great dynamic effect.  It is outstanding craftsmanship.

Click Here to watch this song performed live in Paris earlier this year.  The straight-on camera angle allows you fully appreciate her musicianship.  It is also fun to watch how she gracefully recovers from a mid-song mishap.

Click Here for another live version, beautifully shot last month in Quebec.