Horsemouth - Ghost Wave

from the album Ages (2013)

Ghost Wave is a band from Auckland, New Zealand with a fresh, psychedelic, indie rock sound.  On their debut album Ages, I am most drawn to the song Horsemouth.

The song opens with a guitar riff that recalls the opening to The Beatles' Daytripper.  Once the vocals enter, the sound morphs to something more aligned with The Jesus And Mary Chain.  I really dig this ability to couple 60's psychedelic music with 80's alternative.  On this song, the two are cleverly arranged to provide an effective one-two punch.

The band also has a Velvet Underground sensibility to their music.  This adds a hip, garage nature to the band's sound.  All these elements really come together nicely.

A good friend of mine is the frontman for a critically acclaimed garage band.  He often laments how differentiation in this genre is difficult, making the chances of achieving large scale notoriety remote.  I tend to disagree.  I believe that bands offering strong songwriting and vocal performances will ultimately rise to the top.  Of course, diversification in musical style can help.

That said, Ghost Wave offers the songwriting and vocal chops to warrant a promising future.

Click Here to listen to Horsemouth on the band's Bandcamp site.


  1. I love these guys! I agree completely with the 60s/80s vibes...I instantly thought The Monkees "Last Train to Clarksville" complete with little Davey on the tambo, and The Lucy Show, a little known 80s band that I loved and their song "View from the Outside".. I still have the vinyl I bought in SF in '87. If you listen to this song, it is kind of uncanny, the likeness, but that's why I love this song you posted!

    So happy to hear bands like is really my favorite sound.

    Thanks for this one! I wish this band much luck.


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