Kim Chee Taco Man - Kelley Stolz

from the album Double Exposure (2013)

If you are looking to lose yourself in a catchy little indie rock tune, then you should check out Kim Chee Taco Man by Bay-area singer/songwriter Kelley Stolz.

I really dig that Kelley Stolz is a fervent admirer of Echo & The Bunnymen.  In 2001, he released a track for track cover album of Echo's album Crockodials.  On the tune Kim Chee Taco Man, you can hear shades of Echo in the extended introduction.

There are many things about this song that I admire.  The drum beat, the simple and infectious bass line, the rough guitar tones, and the call & response vocals all stand out.  But it is the spirit of this song that resonates with me most.  It contains an element of freedom that I equate with riding fast on the open road, or speeding across a choppy bay.

Songs like this make my emoticon smile.

Click Here to watch the official video to Kim Chee Taco Man.


  1. For those of you not in the know, "Zang" is reported to be Cantonese for "Excellent", however, the source is the movie Wayne's World. I learned this from a cosmic friend.

    Please note that Theresa is - as usual - spot on. Any likeness to Echo & The Bunnymen is certainly zang.

    Bring on the dancing horses...

  2. So Theresa, what do you think of the Kim Chee Taco Man?

  3. Well, let me kimchee, love tacos, love EATB. It is therefore, perfection in a song!

    Our cable TV was out last night, so I held a Friday night dance party in my living room, with this song in my DJ line up, along with EATB. I love the video, once again of people in convertibles, but instead of bunny suits, there were bunny men. No 40 watt decals though, and no vintage car.

    Good choice of tune...I need to find that cover album of his. I am sure it is zen AND zang!

  4. The video cracks me up. I really dig the Asian dude with the yellow shades.

  5. He's great. But those tacos look amazing. I think I need to travel back to SF and find the kim chee taco man. He must exist somewhere. I recognize the area they are drivng around! Road trip...

  6. In my neighborhood, we have a guy with a Mexican Soul Food truck. He calls himself "The Blaxican". The truck has an awesome paint job.

    1. That is hilarious! Hey, so happens I will be in the area soon! If I can't get a kimchi taco, some good blaxican might make for a good substitute. I have no idea what that entails, but before this weekend I had no idea the Koreans did tacos. That's KoReans...not BoDeans.

  7. This video makes me more happy than hungry. And I am pretty damn hungry! Excellent!!


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