Moonbath.Brainsalt.A.Holy.Fool - Califone

from the album Stitches (2013)

Some people have a knack for naming things.  This band is no exception.

This Chicago-based experimental rock band derive their name for Califone International, a manufacturer of PAs, microphones, and soundboards commonly found in small churches and school auditoriums.  They first caught my ear three years (or so) ago with a record titled All My Friends Are Funeral Singers.  I get tickled by that title.

On their new record Stitches, I am most drawn to the song Moonbath.Brainsalt.A.Holy.Fool.  Musically, this song has all the tones of an americana song.  However, the arrangement also contains descending keys and feedback that you would associate with rock.  Listening to it, I get the sensation of a series of flashbacks from a solitary drive across the northern plains or the southern desert.

I really dig all the different instruments.  Their tones and the way they fit together is outstanding.  The way that piano, steel guitar, harmonica, and feedback are each used to evoke different musical accents is masterful.  The results are a beautiful sound that constantly shifts, rather than rise and fall.  This leaves the listener unsettled.

Califone is a band that crafts their music with considerable thought.  They are a good listen.  Check them out.

Click Here to listen to a preview of the album Stitches on SoundCloud.  Note that the song Moonbath.Brainsalt.A.Holy.Fool begins at 3:12 into the track