Mys - HNNY

from the EP Mys / Kela (2013)

Indie dance needs no vowels.  Just ask HNNY, whose song Mys has caught my ear over the past few weeks.

What I enjoy most about this house release is the way it leverages the vocals to create rich textures.  This grabs you from the introduction, with singing that sounds like something in the back of an old disco mix.

Below this, is a real good dance beat that rises and falls like an inflatable Ziggy Stardust.  I like how the music is minimal and subservient to the vocals without losing any effect.  This is not so common in dance tunes.

Hats off to Johan Cederberg.  If you are in the mood for Swedish House music, this is your ticket.

Click Here to listen to the original version of this track.

Click Here to listen to the Young Marco Remix of Mys.  I enjoy listening to differences between the two records, and how the additional instrumentation and placement of beats changes the vibe.