Not Too Late - Brett Dennen

from the album Smoke And Mirrors (2013)

Brett Dennen zigs while the world zags, leaving behind a collection of memorable pop-folk tunes that have been staples in my playlists for the past five years.

He possesses the two crucial elements required to make a great record:  superior vocals and songwriting.  His voice is that of a quirky angel, with an uncanny ability to soar that can leave you with goosebumps.  His songwriting has an incredible melodic sensibility that draws from the great singer / songwriters that populated 1970's AM radio.  On this foundation, he layers thoughtful, intelligent lyrics with keen visual imagery that can't help but hook you.

This morning he releases his fifth album, Smoke and Mirrors.  The album sets its tone with its cover photo of a dry valley, presumably in Northern California, that lets you know he is more interested in the smoke and mirrors of peaceful lake than those of deception.  This is the album you listen to while driving thru places like Ukiah and Lake Shasta.

I am most drawn to Track Nine, Not Too Late.  This song has a easy feel, with a great piano track and George Harrison-inspired guitar accents.  The first line of the chorus "I feel higher than a frequent flyer" puts a smile on my face.  It is wonderful to get lost in a new Brett Dennen song.

The record is too new to have any online versions posted, so check it out on Amazon or iTunes.  I will post links as they become available.

Click Here for a video on the inspiration for the album Smoke And Mirrors.

Click Here for the official video to Wild Child, the first single from Brett Dennen's new album.