Pretend Friends - Tape Deck Mountain

from the album Sway (2013)

I always dig it when a band lays down an introduction that hooks me.  Nirvana is probably the best example.  Songs like Come As You Are and All Apologies allow you to become completely absorbed in the vibe long before the vocals enter.

Pretend Friends by Tape Deck Mountain is another song that accomplishes this.  The opening drum beats let you know this is lo-fi rock and roll.  Then a guitar gives a quavering trill before joining the bass guitar in the central riff.  This riff establishes the song's authenticity thru its raw simplicity and unpretentiousness.  It hooks me.

I always dig a good three piece band.  To me, there is nothing more pure than bass, guitar, and drums played well.  As for the balance of this song, Tape Deck Mountain delivers the goods.  The band's dynamics are impeccable, rockin' out hard and falling back into the groove in perfect unison.  That only comes from practicing as a unit.  It makes all the difference.

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