Ringo - Joris Voorn

from the single Ringo (2013)

So, I've had all these groovy thoughts swimming around my head for the past few days.  Rather than dissect them - which would only suck their lifeblood - I've cleared my mind, jumped into the aquarium, and got kicking.  It is a good place to be.

The song playing down here is Ringo by Joris Voorn.  This Dutch DJ is based in Amsterdam, where his house vibes must sound great in the local chill joints.  It is one of those electronic instrumentals that constructs all these oscillating vibes that shift in and out of phase over a dance beat and subliminal groove.  Sit me in a SoHo lounge and pour me a strong one.

Much of the music I listen to has lyrics.  Sometimes it forces me to listen more carefully than you care to.  Today, I am going instrumental and finding my own truths in the vibes.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Ringo.


  1. Perfect song for a groovy mood. Trust me, I know.

    No dissection required.

    1. That is because you are a groovy 40 Watt Gigolo reader!

  2. This is true. Plus, I rock. And roll.


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