Ritmo Universal - G-Flux

from the single Ritmo Universal b/w Menieto (2013)

I dig it when genres collide.  On the song Ritmo Universal by the outstanding Mexico City producer G-Flux, the worlds of cumbia and electronica come together to create a sound that is instantly appealing to reggae dub listeners, as well as fans of The Clash, like myself.

For those unfamiliar with cumbia, it is the music of the Latin American working class.  Instruments including drums, calves, guitars, bass, accordion, and flute are often found in these songs, which are an amalgam of Native Columbian, African, and Spanish influences.  It is a root music that has spawned countless sub-genres in spanish speaking countries, and increasingly in the United States.  In fact, on weekends I often hear my Hispanic neighbors blasting it late into the night.

Ritmo Universal features vocals by Guatalajara-based duo Los Master Plus.  Their vocals sound great over the deep groove.  But it is the accordion track that really makes me smile.  I usually think of the instrument in a folk-roots sense, but here it is used in the manner of a ska band.  I love the way that reeds sound over an electronic beat.

In the end, this is a party tune.  So, as the song says "Let the cumbia start."

Click Here to listen to Ritmo Universal.