Shortyville - Trombone Shorty

from the album Say That To Say This (2013)

I became enthralled with Trombone Shorty back in 2010, when I first heard his album Backatown.  On the record, this New Orleans musical icon stepped away from his jazz zone to embrace elements of urban music.  The song Something Beautiful - featuring backing vocals by Lenny Kravitz - became a staple of that year's party mixes.  It is a great record.

Sometime after that record was released, I caught a live show.  It was a revelation.  Perhaps the best show I have ever attended in a small venue.  He and his band delivered thrilling, high energy music that left me breathless.

On his latest release - Say That To Say This - the song Shortyville brings me back to that live performance.  This instrumental has the feel of a tight New Orleans brass band, featuring a rousing solo by Shorty himself.  On the right set of speakers, it will give you goosebumps.  Not to be outdone are his fellow musicians.  With each listen you uncover something new and memorable.

I also cannot help but wonder about the remixes of this song that will surely be issued in the coming years.  The arrangement and musicianship establish an incredible foundation for some DJ or producer to revel in.  I can't wait.

Click Here to listen to a 90 second except of the song Shortyville on SoundCloud.