Tin Star - Lindi Ortega

from the album Tin Star (2013)

One of the benefits of writing this blog is receiving emails from the artists I write about.  Of the 238 entries I have posted over the past eighteen months, the sweetest note I have received came from Lindi Ortega.  In my humble opinion, her 2012 song Cigarettes & Truckstops is the greatest country song of this millennium and her kind note has been a source of motivation and encouragement.

As fate would have it, I have been in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee for the past six days.  It has been a hazy, crazy blur where my buddies and I actually drank a bar out of Pabst.  It has been 120 years since they won the blue ribbon, but my Milwaukee brethren should still be proud.  Anyhow, it so happens that Lindi released her latest album - Tin Star - today.  The title track is my favorite song.

As always, the songwriting, vocals, and musicianship are impeccable.  Just listen to the opening.  The guitar tones, the piano, and Lindi Ortega's voice.  On top of this are the perfect lyrics:

Oh, you don't know me
I'm a nobody
I sing on the strip
For a few pennies
I got a busted string
And a broken guitar
I've been singing for tips
Down at the local bar

Like an old tin star
I'm beat up and rusty
Lost in the shining stars
Of Nashville, Tennessee
Well, I wrote this song
For those who are like me
Lost in the shining stars...

Lindi Ortega is crazy good.  I urge you to give her a listen.  You will not be disappointed.

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  1. This is a great country song! Luck is down, spirit is still high, but the wrongs of life just keep coming, and yet the emotional connection of persistence not to give up remains. Cool.


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