Whole Wide World - Sister Jane

from the single Whole Wide World (2013)

I was feeling a little kajagoogoo yesterday.  Better than a blue Monday.  Regardless, it seems like 80's flashbacks are everywhere.  Somebody bring me edelweiss !!!

I tried to break the spell by listening to some new Australian music.  Melbourne - together with Brooklyn USA - are my picks for the best new music cities these days.  Of all the great tunes I listened to, the one that really grabbed me was Whole Wide World by Sister Jane.  Strange thing, this song sounds like it could have been released by The Alarm, The Cult, or other such 80's acts.

The bass player pulsing eighth-notes over a steady-four beat.  The guitar's tone and riff.  The high-theatrics keyboards.  All the things you love about great 80's rock are tightly packaged here, including the anthemic chorus, roaring screams, and a Billy Idol-inspired breakdown.  It sounds fantastic.

I forget sometimes how great those 80's bands were.  Then you hear a new band like Sister Jane brilliantly.  What's old is new.  Who says history never repeats?

Click Here to listen to the album version of Whole Wide World on SoundCloud.


  1. You are spot on about the sound- some Alarm, some Cult, some Billy... so how could this go wrong? But then, you know me- sometimes a little "preoccupied with 1985". (Or '86...now that was a good year.)

    So great when history repeats.


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